European Union Erasmus + Strategic Partnership

Gaia Yes means Youth Education for Sustainability, and it’s a project financed by the European Union Erasmus + Strategic Partnership from September 2020 to August 2022.

During these two years a consortium of 5 European organisations from Scotland (Gaia Education), Netherlands (Gaia Nederland), Spain (Perma Med) and Estonia (Gaia Kool and Tallinn University). These five organisations across Europe with expertise in education for sustainable development and the wider education sphere came together and initiated this project.

By holistically integrating existing international knowledge, skills and approaches for sustainable development into the education systems of different countries, the project aims to provide the resources and space for young learners to develop the awareness, values and behaviours needed to take active roles in their own contexts. 

The project set out to: 

  1. Develop a comprehensive international curriculum in support of sustainable development (ESD Holistic Curriculum for Youth)
  2. Develop a Guide for Educators
  3. Develop an online learning environment for young people and educators

Both the Curriculum for Youth and the Guide for Educators offers teachers and curriculum developers opportunities and suggestions surrounding how to bring sustainable development issues to young people and educational institutions. Project partner Gaia School in Estonia is piloting a version of the new ESD curriculum.

Project Partners

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