As an award-winning provider of holistic Education for Sustainable Development, Gaia Education empowers students across the globe to see the interconnectedness of life. We teach the knowledge & skills needed to design truly regenerative communities which thrive within planetary boundaries.

We offer online courses, face-to-face courses, webinars, Masterclasses, and international project-based learning. 

We believe that education is the biggest tool in the urgent transition to a more regenerative future, reversing the climate crisis. Come and join the Gaia Community!


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PermaMed is a non-profit association dedicated to the dissemination and implementation of the ethics and principles of Permaculture. Through our active demonstration sites such as Escola Kumar in Marratxi, Los Circulos de la Permacultura in Son Barrina in Llubí, Sa Pedrissa in Mancor de la Vall among others as well as some experimentation centres in which we have been active such as Finca Som Terra in Santanyi, and always with the help of our fantastic volunteers, we are open to share knowledge, experiences, projects and enthusiasm, creating a community fabric based on sustainability and resilience.

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Tallinn University is a modern and dynamic research university in Estonia with a leading role in promoting an intelligent lifestyle through education, research, and a unique collaboration across disciplines. We view an intelligent lifestyle as making research-based decisions in order to improve society in general and the well-being of its citizens.

Tallinn University is a partner in 14 European Union regional programme projects and coordinates one of them, titled Learning Layers. We also participate in the EU Horizon 2020 framework programme both as a partner and as a coordinator. The university has agreements with 43 partner universities in 21 countries and more than 490 Erasmus+ partnership agreements; we are a member of four international networks of higher education institutions, and our researchers and lecturers actively contribute to the activities of their professional networks.

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Gaia Netherlands works through education towards a resilient future within planetary boundaries where no one is left behind. A world of safe and nutritious food; of clean drinking water; of universal access to sustainability education; of physical, mental and social well-being. A world that uses energy and materials more efficiently, distributes wealth fairly and strives to eliminate the concept of waste.

Besides organising training courses, Gaia Netherlands provides information on the implementation of sustainability education within Secondary Education, we develop a sustainable curriculum within a European team of five countries which can be used worldwide for both in- and out-of-school learning, and we support various small initiatives in the field of sustainable education in the Netherlands.

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Gaia Kool is a private school that started its activities in September 2014 with the aim of providing students with a well-rounded education in a way that respects and supports the individual characteristics of each child.

We follow the national curriculum but make extensive use of outdoor learning and project-based learning. The school's curriculum focuses on nature education and traditional culture. English starts in the first grade and Russian in the fourth. We are guided by the children's need to learn in an interest-based way, so the curriculum is inextricably linked to the activities of the interest groups.

The aim of Gaia School is to provide a child-friendly education in a school close to home. It is open to pupils from grades 1 to 9 and pre-school.

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