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S3.3.1 Dreaming of a (plastic) free life

"Even your toothbrush is made of wood!" Kamel falls from one surprise to another when he visits Mara. In her house, hardly anything is made of plastic and she tells him that she lives without waste. He thinks she is an unusual lady and her way of life seems rather complicated, to be honest. Why would you make things so difficult for yourself? You can put your rubbish on the street, the council will collect it and you don't have to worry about it.

Kamel clearly doesn't understand and Mara tries to explain. It started when she went to live in a room as a student and felt more and more guilt every time she threw something away. Instead of waste, she saw valuable materials, which she collected for reuse. But her house became full of stuff and it was clear that things could not go on like this. Mara decided: what doesn't go in, doesn't have to go out.

Zero Waste" living turned out not to be as difficult as she had thought. She was able to get almost all of her groceries without packaging at the market, and products that were hard to find unpackaged, such as wraps and biscuits, Mara now makes herself. Yes, it takes more effort than a trip to the supermarket, but on the other hand, living a packaging-free life is more satisfying and less stressful! Still, her conscience kept nagging at her.

Mara dreams of a life close to nature, where she can provide for her own food. A free life, without the pressure of a 40-hour week to pay the rent. But is this dream realistic in the densely populated Netherlands? If it were up to her boyfriend Pascal, they would embark on an adventure to build a climate-proof future in the Swedish countryside. When Mara closes her eyes, she sees a place of abundance and peace, where she can be happy for a lifetime. A place that can also be a safe and warm home for generations to come. But the thought of emigrating overwhelms her. Do her dreams and stubborn idealism carry enough weight to leave her familiar life behind and step into an unknown future?