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S3.5.1 Adopt a sheep

Every year, Jet and Nina go with their grandparents to the sheepfold in Epen. Their grandfather has adopted a sheep for each grandchild. In March the lamb days take place. You can come and admire the newborn lambs in the stables. Every year, it's quite a party. Jet and Nina look forward to feeding the lambs with bottles filled with lamb's milk.

Their grandfather saw a call on television to save the sheepfold. For years, a herd of herded Mergelland sheep has been grazing the Gulp Valley in South Limburg, a beautiful, large and open nature reserve. The grazing sheep ensure preservation and restoration of the extraordinary and specific Gulp Valley flora and fauna. However, since 2011, the landowner State Forest Control can no longer afford this method of nature preservation. As a result, the sheep flock is threatened with extinction.

The Friends of the Mergelland Sheepfold Foundation has therefore launched a playful action. You can adopt a sheep for twenty five euros. You receive an adoption certificate that allows you to visit the sheep flock free of charge. Jet's grandfather was deeply moved by this action. He really enjoys the beautiful hilly landscape and the grazing sheep on the heath. He would hate to see the heath disappear because it can no longer be maintained. Grandpa did not hesitate for a moment and adopted the sheep.

This year, the family of Nina and Jet is staying at the campsite and in the guesthouse next to the sheepfold. It is always a fun time. All of their cousins are there. And even though it's the same every year, they never get bored of these get-togethers! With pride, Jet and Nina walk with their certificate to the entrance of the stables. By now the keepers of the sheepfold know the family well. "Hi, Jet and Nina, are you coming to look at the sheep again? "In half an hour I will give a demonstration with the sheep. Then I'll show how I herd the sheep with the dogs. Are you coming to watch?" Jet and Nina don't mind being told twice. It's a mighty fine sight to see the border collies herding the sheep towards each other. They decide to pick up their cousins so that they can watch the shepherd together. "Yes!," Jet and Nina shout enthusiastically. See you later!"