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Until the coming of radio, TV and internet, passing on stories was the most important means of communication for mankind. Stories stimulate the imagination and thinking of the recipient. Breathe new life into the old practice of storytelling with pupils by collecting stories from different cultures, reading, listening, comparing and, of course, telling them.



Worldview (belief system) is the spring of a person’s motivation and behaviour. That’s why it’s beneficial to become aware of one’s worldview. 


Worldviews are mostly communicated and continued through stories, thus learning about one’s own and various worldviews is most effective through reading, writing, listening and telling of stories. 


Think of your worldview as a collection of stories. Do you know and can you tell these stories to others? 


SDG3: Good Health and Well-being; 


Psychology/humanities, Languages


Key concepts

  • Environmental issues and human behavior
  • Belief, belief or ethics
  • Anthropocentric vs Ecocentric
  • Repressive Power vs. Creative Power
  • New paradigm thinkers
  • Science and Spirituality

Learning outcomes


  • Compare & distinguish different worldviews (modern, indigneous, spiritual etc.)
  • Describe holons, holarchy & systems
  • Analyse own WV, assumptions, cultural stories
  • Describe relations between WV & climate change
  • Explain phenomenon of stories/storytelling
  • Analyse news & identify stories


  • Sense emotionally various features of different WV & impact of inner worlds on the outer world
  • Reflect on WV from different perspectives (using ‘seeing with new eyes’ type of exercises)
  • Use intuitive & ’dreaming’ methods to connect to oneself and one’s life path
  • Express one’s own worldview in different creative ways writing, art, story etc.


  • Read or listen to local stories
  • Co-create & perform new story-lines that reflect the future they want to live in
  • Make videos / printed versions of stories
  • Participate in drama based on a story
  • Share celebrations of WV with other pupils


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