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During this activity, as in a mini Vision Quest, participants spend a short time alone in nature. The chosen period can be between 20 and 60 minutes, but this can also be extended in consultation with the group. During this time we pay attention to the subtle information that nature brings us and our own inner voice, so that we can better understand ourselves and the world around us.


  1. Beforehand, build a small natural stage in a central location in nature.
  2. With all participants, observe a moment of silence.
  3. Place the windlight on the stage and light the candle to indicate that the activity has begun.
  4. Talk about how isolated we humans have become from nature. Also, name the natural beauty in the local area.
  5. Now ask the students to find a quiet place in nature where they can sit in silence for the indicated period of time so that all other sounds can fade away and silence and only the subtle information of nature, the trees, the soil, the insects, the water… remains. This activity can also take between half an hour and half a day to complete by mutual agreement.
  6. It often works best in this activity if you go into nature with a guiding question and are open to the answers that come in when you are in touch with the intelligence of nature. Have students speak the question aloud once they have found their place in nature and trust that the answers will come.
  7. Students may wish to bring a notepad to record their dialogue with nature.
  8. Have students find something in their spot that relates to their question and can be taken from nature without causing damage.
  9. At a predetermined time, an audible signal is given at which point the students return to the starting location in silence.
  10. Have them place the objects they brought on stage in a beautiful way.
  11. Form a semi-circle around the stage and have everyone talk about their experiences using his/her object.


Getting answers by quieting down in nature.

Learning Outcomes

Learning that, if you just look and listen carefully, nature can offer you all kinds of solutions to everyday problems.


  • A Wind Light.
  • A ship’s bell, horn or similar device.
  • A small stage where participants can display their finds from nature.
  • Bag or box where all cell phones can be left.


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