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The image we have of the world is directly linked to our values. Knowing better what you value makes it easier to understand what you are concerned with and would like to be concerned with in the world. It also helps you to get a better sense of your own value system and see if it really fits your deepest desires and your worldview.


  1. Ask participants what they want. Don’t they have a clue? Then have them choose from the attached bucket list. Make a list of these on the flip chart.
    Most people want more than just money, in fact everyone does. (The answers to this question miraculously turn out to be the same for all ages.)

  2. On another flipchart, group the wishes into economic wealth (things with a price tag such as education, houses, jobs and surfboards, for example), social wealth (trust and relationships: things like best friends, moms and dads, peace, surfing and health), environmental wealth (oceans, mountains and trees) and spiritual wealth (compassion, love and service)

  3. The various forms of wealth weave together into a personal overall well-being. This gives a new awareness.



Discovering what we actually value most and adjusting the way you are in the world accordingly.

Learning Outcomes

Participants become more aware of whether their actions fit their value system and worldview and begin to shift and transform these forces that shape their actions.


Paper or notepad for taking notes.

Handout containing a table for completing values and activities in which they are involved.



  1. Swimming at night, among the sea sparkles
  2. See all the capitals of Europe
  3. Visit all train stations in the Netherlands and make a photo book of it
  4. Visit all continents
  5. Visit Auswitch
  6. Backpacking with my child
  7. Better breathing
  8. Befriending a swan and watching its young grow up
  9. Giving blood five times to save a life
  10. Write a book
  11. Organize and supervise forest walks for children
  12. Eating a sandwich with the president of America
  13. Bungee jumping
  14. Swimming with turtles
  15. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  16. Record CD
  17. Cruise making
  18. Daily meditation
  19. Visiting the Chinese wall
  20. Meeting the Dalai Lama
  21. Skating or cycling the Elfstedentocht
  22. Climbing Kilimanjaro or another mountain
  23. Meeting the king and queen
  24. Running the marathon or half marathon
  25. Seeing Niagara or other waterfalls
  26. Seeing the North Cape
  27. Visiting the October festivals in Germany
  28. Experiencing the Olympics
  29. Visiting the Oostvaarderplassen
  30. Visiting the pyramids of Egypt
  31. Walking the route of the Sound of Music in Austria
  32. Visiting the Tai Mahal in India
  33. Seeing the tour de France live|.
  34. Visiting the South Pole
  35. Meeting Deepak Chopra
  36. Scuba Diving
  37. Traveling through the desert with a Landrover
  38. Three times a year on vacation
  39. Taking a (navel) piercing
  40. Learning to speak or write or read another language
  41. A job in the environmental sector
  42. Climbing a mountain
  43. Writing a book
  44. Taking a course on a subject I wouldn’t normally do
  45. Taking a course in yoga or mindfulness
  46. Creating an animal-friendly garden
  47. Getting a degree
  48. A horse of your own
  49. Building your own website
  50. Making a movie
  51. Being able to do a flick
  52. Being a good mother
  53. A bigger house
  54. Living abroad for six months
  55. Six months of vegetarian life
  56. A wood stove in my house
  57. Buying a house
  58. One time gambling in Las Vegas
  59. One time mud wrestling
  60. Writing a children’s book
  61. Learning to milk a cow
  62. Composing a song and singing it together with Ilse de Lange
  63. Making a memory book for when I’m no longer around
  64. Creating a mood board
  65. Finding a beautiful meditation spot in nature close to home
  66. Buy a mountain bike and ride all the MTB/ATB trails in the Netherlands
  67. Composing a piece of music
  68. Buying a new car
  69. Giving a stranger a compliment for no reason
  70. Donating an Organ
  71. Providing a foster child with a safe home
  72. Accompanying a trip as a tour guide
  73. Taking a space journey
  74. Watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly
  75. Being able to do a somersault
  76. Making a painting
  77. Taking a spiritual bath in the Ganges
  78. Organizing a surprise party
  79. Getting a tattoo
  80. A trip in a limousine
  81. Making a raft and sailing down the river in Sweden
  82. Living on a desert island for a week
  83. Viewing a working volcano
  84. Releasing a seal
  85. Being grateful every day for who I am and what is in my life
  86. Exercise one hour every day
  87. Give 5 to 10% each month to the less fortunate (can also be done in time)
  88. A day at the sauna every month
  89. Going to the beautician every month
  90. Read a book every week
  91. Making a film
  92. Getting fit/being fit
  93. Fitness room in the house
  94. Learning French (or any other language)
  95. Healthier cooking and eating
  96. Learn to play guitar, piano or other instrument
  97. Gondola rides in Venice
  98. Making up with those with whom I still have some catching up to do
  99. Visit the statue of hatchi at Shi baya Station
  100. Making a difference to 10,000 other people
  101. Household outsourcing
  102. Make a recipe from my cookbook every month
  103. Meaning something substantial to someone else
  104. Spending the night in an igloo
  105. Playing in a musical
  106. Swimming in the sea in the dark
  107. Camel riding in the desert
  108. Camping in the wild
  109. Kayaking on a French river
  110. Kite surfing
  111. Color and clothing style advice
  112. Cooking for the homeless
  113. Laugh until I cry
  114. Learning to invest from Warren Buffet
  115. Learning to dance from my feelings
  116. Learning to edit photos
  117. Learning to take photographs
  118. Learning to play golf
  119. Learning to ride
  120. Learning to Ski
  121. Learn to snowboard
  122. Learning to ballroom or salsa dance
  123. Loving relationships
  124. Being nicer to myself
  125. Participating in a flasmob
  126. Joining the New Year’s Dive
  127. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  128. Living more mindfully
  129. Listening more to my gut
  130. Drink more water
  131. Visiting Mecca
  132. With the Orient express
  133. Taking a tour with a husky sled
  134. Ballooning
  135. Accepting myself
  136. Giving myself a make over
  137. Giving myself a massage
  138. Getting my diving certification
  139. Starting my own business
  140. Designing my own coffin
  141. My own vegetable garden
  142. Meeting my favorite artist live
  143. Letting my loved ones know in a poem that I love them
  144. Meeting my biggest idol
  145. Ridding my life of ballast that I don’t use anymore anyway
  146. Discovering my life purpose
  147. Getting my driver’s license
  148. Looking my tiger in the eye and overcoming my fears
  149. Visit at least 50 different countries in 5 continents
  150. Learning to ride a motorcycle
  151. Visit music festival
  152. View Holland from the water
  153. Learning to say no
  154. Oerol visits
  155. Buy unlimited clothes
  156. Doing something unexpectedly for someone without expecting anything in return
  157. Going on safari
  158. On vacation to….
  159. Performing in front of a large audience
  160. Horseback riding in Mongolia
  161. Parachute jumping
  162. Parasailing
  163. Pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela
  164. Permanent make up
  165. Professional photo shoot
  166. Rafting
  167. Writing travel stories
  168. Getting Rich
  169. Romantic dinner on the beach
  170. Carry out the 100 wishes with a friend and write a book about it
  171. Scuba diving in Australia
  172. Giving seminars
  173. Skiing
  174. Learning speed reading
  175. Snorkeling in the ocean
  176. Save for something that is important to me
  177. Become a sponsor
  178. On foot through Africa
  179. Attending training sessions by Anthony Robbins
  180. Getting married
  181. Twice a year with one (of the) child(ren) on a trip
  182. Second home abroad
  183. Excellent health
  184. Rolling down the Klimduin in Schoorl
  185. Falling in love
  186. Fishing in the North Sea
  187. Getting a truck driving license
  188. Finding friends for life
  189. Volunteer
  190. Wading when the mudflats are frozen
  191. Wadden Sea Walk to all Wadden Islands
  192. Waking up on a desert island
  193. Riding competitions
  194. Working at an international conservation organization
  195. Working on a farm in Norway or Louisiana
  196. Taking singing lessons
  197. Sailing at sea
  198. Singing in a fun choir
  199. Swimming with dolphins
  200. Attending world championships of your favorite sport
  201. Workshop glass painting
  202. Sailing on the ocean


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