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Worldviews have always been in conflict with each other. At present, however, there are a number of worldviews that are increasingly in conflict.

  • Those who believe in the globalization of the capitalist free market and those who believe in communally oriented fair trade and localization.
  • Those who are religious fundamentalists and those who are science fundamentalists.
  • Those who assume that the earth and nature should be exploited for the benefit of humanity and those who see humanity in the role of manager and protector.

The trend toward greater global awareness is matched by the trend toward more local. Pioneering groups are able to adjust their world view and develop a better, positive vision that better fits the actual situation. Our worldviews can manifest in the most unlikely ways and in everything we experience.


  1. Start: To begin, have everyone apply some essential oil to their wrists. Ask them to breathe in a whiff and then exhale quietly.

  2. Presence: For a while, just be quiet together and watch the egg timer. Have them pay attention to which body parts begin to send signals to their consciousness: Stomach, head, limbs, chest, face, etc. Interpret these signals. For example: why do my legs feel so hot?

  3. Feelings: Indicate that everyone will have one minute (egg timer) to express how they feel. Now show one of the feeling cards and ask the participants to write down what color they feel about it. Leave the egg timer around


Allow students to become calmer and more confident about who they are and how they see themselves in the world by examining their worldview more closely.

Learning Outcomes

Students become more aware of themselves, their belief systems, their feelings, and the qualities that fit them.


Essential oils, egg timer, two sets of cards; one representing feelings, and the other with animals.



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