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In order for a group to work together effectively within a sustainability project, students will need to play different key roles depending on the needs of the group and their individual abilities.


  1. Form teams of 4 students.
  2. Have the teams choose a sustainable goal that each team member is willing to commit to.
  3. Have each team member briefly write down the skills and strengths he or she wants to bring to the group with one or more concrete examples for each point.
    1. Creative learners help the group see possibilities and shift the focus from “what is” to “what could be.
    2. Inquisitive learners investigate a topic from all angles and are able to convey knowledge in a clear accurate manner.
    3. Active learners bring practical strategies to the group and keep it moving forward.
    4. Social learners ensure that everyone is heard and enhance interaction among group members.
  4. Have each team member’s skills and strengths copied on a flip chart sheet.
  5. Each participant is given two minutes to receive feedback on their strengths from the rest of the group and without comment. Keep it positive!


Identifying students’ skills and strengths and how they can be used within the joint project.

Learning Outcomes

Discover and confirm what each person can contribute in terms of strengths and skills to the chosen project.


Flipchart paper, paper and pen


Ask students if they actually experienced the strengths described by the others. Have they been able to show their own strengths. Did any surprising skills of team members emerge or develop during the project? Are they perhaps missing certain skills for completing the project well? 


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