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You can strengthen your connection to the earth in many ways. This is the story of its history, which begins with the mystical start of the universe: The Big Bang 14 trillion years ago and runs through its steady expansion to its present-day form.


  1. Visit the following website for the complete story.
  2. Before the Cosmic Walk can be walked, the facilitators need to set out the route according to the instructions in the E-book.
  3. The long path from the E-book is designed as a permanent item on a school campus, for example. The short trail can be used as a pop-up trail and can actually be plotted anywhere in nature.
  4. The path can be straight, spiral or a combination of both and can be walked alone or in a small group, with one or two people reading the text.
  5. The time represented by each step varies throughout the walk. In the first stage, each step is equal to 67 million years which decreases to 1 million years at the end of the route. Walking the trail should take about an hour.


Developing a sense of the vastness of nature that will go on to create more inspired eco-designs from the students.

Learning Outcomes

To take in with amazement the vast time and dimensions of the universe and thereby experience a sense of unity in creation.


On your journey, take along poetry, drums, or anything else that can enhance the experience.


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