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Almost everyone has something in their home that has been inherited from a grandfather, grandmother or a loved one who has passed away.  What often happens is that jewelry is passed down from generation to generation. Like rings or special necklaces. Sometimes it's simple things. Like cutlery or crockery. Just that one spoon that grandma always used. Sometimes it's really big things. Like a pouf or play harmonica. Sometimes they are things you were never allowed to touch as a child, like grandpa's chisels. Do you know the stories behind these heirlooms?  


  1. Do some research in your own family. Find an heirloom that appeals to you. Research this heirloom to find out more about it. Who did the heirloom belong to? How did it come into the family? What stories do your relatives know about this heirloom. Try to imagine how this heirloom was used by your relative. How do you think the heirloom was used in this period of time? What is different from the times you live in now?
  2. Take a picture of the heirloom. 
  3. Write a story about the heirloom. 
  4. Share your story. 
  5. Organise an exhibition together with your fellow students, presenting the photos and the narrated stories. 


To connect with your ancestors through objects and thus get a better sense of your family and how your relatives used to live. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • You have researched where your ancestors came from 
  • You have creatively incorporated stories from your parents and grandparents about their ancestors and cultural family traditions 
  • You created videos or printed versions of stories 
  • You have shared your personal history 


SDG 17. Partnership for achievement of SDGs 


heirloom, recording equipment, exhibition set-up. 


What was it like for you to find out more about your family through an heirloom? What touched you in the exhibition of all the heirlooms? What value does it have for you to know more about your own family history and the history of your own compatriots. 


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