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Pupils reflect on special moments, places and situations, such as a graduation, wedding, midsummer celebration or Christmas. They will understand, through both their own experience and knowledge, the essence of ancient ceremonies, learn to observe them, participate in them and then design their own ceremony. Art, language, dance and music can be part of this.




Connection to one specific place opens a person to value rootedness and land itself. Art, ritual & creative projects are a form of personal and social transformation and growth that is an essential part of human life. 


Get to know one area where you live as thoroughly as possible. Experience & practise the magic of art, rituals, rite of passage, ceremony and story-telling. 


Connection to a place develops through learning its physical features, plants, animals and especially – stories related to this place. Practising creative projects, performance, concerts etc. Experiencing the magic of art and rituals, singing and dancing, storytelling. Creating beautiful and stimulating environments in which inspiration, intuition and creativity are enhanced, as an expression of Group Art. Lead an Improvisational theatre session and/or performance. Learning & singing traditional songs, contemporary songs, Canons, songs of the heart etc. accompanied by music 



SDG 3 Good Health & Wellbeing; SDG 13 Climate Action; SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals 



Fine arts/humanities; Culture studies; Languages.


Learning outcomes


  • Research where where ancestors from & their traditions
  • Local healing traditions
  • Traditions for visiting a sacred place (forest etc)
  • Identify local edible & medicinal plants
  • Identify / list different ceremonies & rites of passage


  • Ask parents / grandparents stories about ancestors & cultural/family traditions
  • Visit local sacred sites
  • Share personal history
  • Organise & participate in a group celebration
  • Learn & sing tribal, native contemporary songs
  • Participate in traditional & contemporary rituals & rites of passage & reflect on personal / group growth


  • Map where ancestors from, their traditions etc.
  • Map local ceremonies in seasonal calendar
  • Participating in creative project session, ritual or performance (idea, planning, implementation, presentation, evaluation)
  • Making meal from local plants with
  • Design and practice local ceremony e.g. marking seasons / honouring the land


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