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Some decisions are made in a “group mind,” a decision-making process that requires immediate communication in response to a new situation. In this activity we will explore what communicating in such a group mind is and how it can be developed.


  1. Divide the students into four teams.
  2. Each team stands shoulder to shoulder on one side of an imaginary square. Everyone is looking at the center.
  3. The facilitator stands in the center of the square and acts as a “toll. He or she turns on his or her axis and stops opposite one of the teams.
  4. At that point, each team must observe and remember the order in which their team is positioned (which individuals are next to each other) as well as where the team stands in relation to the toll. A team can be opposite, to the left, to the right or behind the toll. Observation and memorization are done without talking.
  5. Without warning, the spinning top spins several times and stops opposite a team and shouts “square! The teams must then regroup around ‘the top’ as quickly as possible in their original positions: in front, to the left, to the right or behind ‘the top’ and of course in the original order within the team.
  6. Once a team is back in its original order and its original orientation on the toll, all members raise their hands and shout “together!
  7. Each team notes after the event what the members observed during this activity.


Learning to build teamwork and communication and break the ice in a new group.

Learning Outcomes

Students learn to communicate more effectively in changing circumstances.




What techniques did the teams use to be the fastest? Was communication between team members important? If so, how did the team members communicate? How did the teams deal with team members who struggled?


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