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In organizations, you often see people gravitate towards each other who have something in common. And also, you often see people avoiding each other because of their differences. What does that mean for the organization? How much energy is lost because we want to keep friends as friends and avoid people you don't feel a click or connection with?


  • Everyone chooses for himself (in his mind) someone as enemy and someone as protector.
  • The facilitator gives a starting signal. Participants try to stand exactly in the middle between their enemy and protector.


Experience balance in a system through self-organisation.


Learning outcomes:

You have experienced diversity in groups and can give diversity a place in yourself


SDG 10: Reduce inequality



Large space.
Source and more exercises:


 How long does it take for the group to stand still?

  • What happened?
  • What does this say about dynamics and self-organisation in teams?
  • Who thinks they know whose enemy or protector he was?


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