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Students learn to take responsibility for local challenges and the people around them. They try to find the inner motivation for their contribution to the community, from helping people with special needs to learning about and from socially oriented organisations, companies and movements. They will make presentations and initiate new projects.



For a healthy and thriving society we need to pay attention to those in more need and offer direct help or create social systems where the needs are better taken care of already by design. It is essential that a pupil sees him/herself as the citizen of Earth and carries the responsibility for the global society. We have to honour our ancestors, from whom we have inherited our land and culture and also our family and neighbours with whom we are taking care of this heritage. 


Through direct and immersive experiences learn about different situations and groups in society, reflect and through dreaming and designing try to create societal models that work better. Doing volunteer work in a neighbourhood or in a charity project. Presenting a development project or a solution for a challenge in a community, involvement in local politics, participation on protest meetings, writing articles in local media, 


Get some direct experience working with vulnerable groups and try to think together of creating better designs of their circumstances. Practising activism in community work, collecting cultural heritage. 



SDG 3 Good Health & Wellbeing SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals 



Humanities & Social Sciences, psychology, entrepreneurship, languages.


Key concepts

  • Art in the community
  • Everyone is an artist
  • Art and creativity
  • Celebrating and honoring life
  • Media Literacy


Learning outcomes


  • Understand social and environmental injustice theories and social structures
  • Knows the opportunities for active citizenship
  • Indiginous cultures and traditions
  • Theory of first aid
  • Research transition towns/ecovillage, Camphill etc


  • Reflect how he/she carries responsibility for planetary wellbeing
  • Realizes that he/she carries responsibility for the wellbeing of self and community/group
  • Hospitality during welcoming guests to a local event /celebration
  • Communicate with special needs people
  • Explore social / environmental injustice thru creative methods


  • Identify local community challenges
  • Engaged in a charity project/ social enterprise / voluntary work for facing a challenge in local area
  • Attended national/indiginous festival or celebration of an old tradition (folk dance or song festival etc)
  • Interviewed an elder/older person for discovering information about old customs/events
  • Communicate with neighbours & do practical activity with them


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